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My first erotic horror short story, “Stained Glass,” has been accepted into the Queer Gothic anthology from Queered Fiction. That’s actually not the anthology I sent it to, but the editor decided it fit there better.

“Stained Glass” is also a bit of a deviation from my other erotic stories in that it’s gay erotica rather than lesbian or bisexual female. I usually avoid writing from a male perspective, but for some reason this black Catholic priest (of which I’m none) called me. My biggest concern writing it was avoiding the cliché Catholic priest pitfalls of 1) pedophilia/hebephilia, 2) closeted priest, and 3) breach of trust. I hope that I managed to do so.

In other news, I’m writing a little bit at a time on a new fairy tale erotica short story, and trying to delve again into a non-erotic novel. I predict I’ll be writing more these days, especially during the week. Sometimes you just get burned out; sometimes other things capture your interest for a while. But I’m a restless creator – I’ve always got to have something new going on.