Got my first good review for “Frosted Glass,” my Snow Queen retelling, from an advanced copy reviewer:

“I like my erotica intelligent and thought-provoking and some, if not all, of these stories met that expectation for me. I don’t need to find every story arousing, but I hope to be engaged either physically or intellectually. … I will say there are some standout stories for me, particularly Sleep Tight by Janine Ashbless, Her Hair is a Net, Woven by Shanna Germain, and Frosted Glass by Aurelia T. Evans. …

Frosted Glass by Aurelia T. Evans is inspired, at least in part, by Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen. Simply beautiful. Worth a second and third read. Great title too! I think a lot of women have lived a version of this story.”

I did this: \o/

I’m going to get a bad review one of these days, and it’s going to crush me. But for now I’ll ride the high.