I’m excited to share that I’ve finished the second draft of my first erotic novel, Frigid Bitch. (I assume that title is going to change eventually to make it more marketable, but I personally love it, so it will continue to be my working title.) The novel is going to sit for a few months before I do my final edit and start sending it out.

Novel summary: Renee Chambers is the agoraphobic manager of a dog sanctuary at her forest retreat in Wisconsin. Unbeknownst to the local town, the sanctuary also acts as a haven for canine shapeshifters. With a best friend who doubles as a service dog, bored townies, a shapeshifter pack that keeps her grounded with their company and friendship, and a rogue werewolf looking to create his own pack, Renee must discover what kind of life she wants and what kind of person she wants to be.

The summary still has to be doctored to deal with some of its passivity, cliches, and vagueness, but it works for now. :)