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So I just sent off one query for an erotic fairy tale anthology, and I’m dicking around over a second one for a queer horror anthology. Mostly because I’m afraid I did something terribly wrong and against the submission guidelines that’s also something I can’t change because it’s absolutely crucial to the story.

I know that the worst the editor of the anthology can say is no, but at the same time, I worked a month on this story, sacrificing many a night, and I really, really like it. Erotic horror, and queer horror at that, is just my niche. I tried to get into this editor’s previous anthology and didn’t make it, and I really want to make it into this one.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s gotta be tonight.

ETA: Well, point of no return. Just sent the query with a small explanation at the end. Cross your fingers for me.