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Well, I got replies from both anthology editors that they received my submission, so sighs of relief on that count. That is my first bit of angst whenever I send a submission, that it’ll get put in the spam folder. It’s not an irrational fear; I’ve “missed” a deadline that way.

Ms. Wright was happy to see me submit for the fairy tale one, which was nice. Dark Scribe Press is making me nervous, though. They want to read it, but they were looking for short stories 3-5k, which is what I was afraid of. At over 10k, I have to knock their socks off, and I’m not sure I can do that. I mean, I love the story, but who’s to say they’ll be captivated from start to finish.

Sometimes I really dislike being a novelist trying to write short stories.

However, I did ask my usual beta to look over it to see whether everything was necessary and if anything could be cut, and she didn’t see much extraneous bits either. I might tell them that I had it looked over, but I’m very amenable to editorial direction. After all, for their last anthology, I took a vignette-ish short story and added about 6k words to it when they told me to flesh it out. :) However, they didn’t accept it because it moved too slowly, and I’m afraid that my patience is going to bite me in the ass again.