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Title: The Wolf Girl and the Geek Wizard

Genre: Erotica/Supernatural

Summary: A technical genius who also happens to be a very powerful young wizard creates a geek’s dream girlfriend, mixing a woman with a wolf and making his own enhancements, including spells to make her derive pleasure from being his sexual slave. However, Tora is not just a living, breathing Real Doll he can take to the sci-fi/fantasy convention ImagiNation and show off to all his friends. She may be wolf and woman, but both of them discover their own wills and wants, and when she starts wanting to find out who she is, Carlo lets her know that he is the master, and he will never let her go.

Section of the Day: [First sentence] The first full conscious thought of which she was aware came in a chorus within her head: We are hungry.

Comments: Well, here we are, the beginning of NaNoWriMo 2011. I was not able to do it last year, and after a year or so of 500-700 word writing days, writing 2300 words after midnight this morning and then writing an additional 2700 words is tiring, mentally and physically. My hands ache like they haven’t for a while, at least not on a qwerty keyboard.

Already, I’m aware of some of the deeper implications of the story, especially given that it’s technically non-con, so the question of agency that I respect in FRIGID BITCH is completely thrown out of the window in WOLF GIRL. I gave it its long title for the purpose of increasing word count, but I’ll shorten it down to just WOLF GIRL after NNWM2011 is through. And that summary came up off the top of my head just now, so it’ll be polished eventually.

However, deeper implications will have to wait. I’m ready for bed and happy to be writing like this again. I’m sorry I didn’t get a post in before NaNoWriMo started. I was still trying to get my other work finished before November. However, November will keep this blog busy, at least.