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Title: The Wolf Girl and the Geek Wizard

Genre: Erotica/Supernatural

Summary: Technical genius Erik Nye, who also happens to be a very powerful young wizard, creates a geek’s dream girlfriend, mixing a woman with a wolf and making his own enhancements, including spells to make her derive pleasure from being his sexual slave. However, Tora is not just a living, breathing Real Doll he can take to the sci-fi/fantasy convention ImagiNation and show off to his friends. She may be wolf and woman, but both of them discover their own wills and wants, and when she starts wanting to find out who she is, Carlo lets her know that he is the master, and he will never let her go.

Section of the Day: When the movie was finished, Erik turned off the TV and the DVD player, then whispered into her hair, “Tora, take off my clothes.”

Tora lifted her head from his shoulder and stared at him for a moment. The order seemed to come out of nowhere, but his expression was back to greed and amazement, and there was no breathiness or nervousness or apprehension in his order. It was strong, straight-forward, and she imagined what he wanted of her. Both voices in her head were not unfamiliar with that which he might want. Arousal suddenly weighed between her legs. It was only a small change, but it promised to grow heavier, needier, and she licked her lips.

Comments: There we go, I got the head start I wanted, since I’ll be busy this weekend. Keep in mind that all of my excerpts I share are completely unedited, so my writerly flaws are still there.

I’m afraid that I did a very mean thing to Tora, which I’ll probably make even meaner when I do my first edit. I actually feel terrible about it, which sounds weird, but I do. However, it was right for the story.

On the bright side, I got turned on in anticipation of the first proper sex scene, even if I was distracted by word choices and logistics in the process of actually writing it. This is why I love erotica for NaNo, though – sex scenes are excellent for adding word count, and NaNo teaches me to pay attention to detail, to linger. It’s a good combination.