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Title: The Wolf Girl and the Wizard Genius

Genre: Erotica/Supernatural

Summary: Technical genius Erik Nye, who also happens to be a very powerful young wizard, creates a geek’s dream girlfriend, mixing a woman with a wolf and making his own enhancements, including spells to make her derive pleasure from being his sexual slave. However, Tora is not just a living, breathing Real Doll he can take to the sci-fi/fantasy convention ImagiNation and show off to his friends. She may be wolf and woman, but both of them discover their own wills and wants, and when she starts wanting to find out who she is, Carlo lets her know that he is the master, and he will never let her go.

Section of the Day: Erik had told her that they would be far less conspicuous – read, she would look for less conspicuousin public if she deliberately wore a costume. That way, her appearance would be interpreted as good makeup and a commitment to the convention rather than her actual appearance. Tora kept her hurt to herself and had a flash in her mind memory of applying lipstick to complete her look, which she had spent two hours on for her own validation upon going to the homecoming dance alone. She would show anyone too scared to ask what they were missing, and she was going with friends, so damn it, she was going to have fun, no matter the butterflies in her stomach. Erik could tell her she looked perfect all he wanted, but if she needed to hide what she looked like – even if she was hiding in plain sight – that did not change the fact that he had to hide what she looked like. That hardly sounded perfect to her.

Comments: On Thursday and Friday, I was busy with my other creative outlet and finishing up school stuff, and yesterday I had my main social day for my other creative outlet, and by about four o’clock in the afternoon, I was almost falling over. That’s not an exaggeration. I felt like I was going to keel over and fall asleep from then until one in the morning, when I did actually go to bed. The only reason it was so late was because I forgot to wash my sheets. Exciting, I know. I did get a thousand words in yesterday. Of course, I can’t vouch as to the sense those words make.

I was already ahead enough that the one thousand words put me over my Day 13 word requirement. However, I like being ahead, so I went to another write-in at the local non-Starbucks coffee shop. It was a lot of fun, met a few new people, and did some socializing in addition to writing four thousand additional words, boosting me past the halfway mark for the month, and putting me solidly ahead, which is where I like to be.

The story is moving along nicely, with the characters being themselves. It means that things are sometimes painful to the point of being very uncomfortable for me to write. Lines I was so careful about not crossing for FRIGID BITCH are being crossed, and while it fits with the story, that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I don’t like writing about an abusive character. I don’t care that he has reasons for why he is what he is; I don’t care that he is sometimes pitiable. It doesn’t excuse what he does and makes it hard to write. The sex is still hot, but it’s undeniably in the non-con w/ intense physical pleasure category, which turns me on on the sex level but disturbs me when they’re not sexing.