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Title: The Wolf Girl and the Wizard Genius

Genre: Erotica/Supernatural

Summary: Technical genius Erik Nye, who also happens to be a very powerful young wizard, creates a geek’s dream girlfriend, mixing a woman with a wolf and making his own enhancements, including spells to make her derive pleasure from being his sexual slave. However, Tora is not just a living, breathing Real Doll he can take to the sci-fi/fantasy convention ImagiNation and show off to his friends. She may be wolf and woman, but both of them discover their own wills and wants, and when she starts wanting to find out who she is, Erik lets her know that he is the master, and he will never let her go.

Section of the Day:  She looked at him evenly. “What did you want to hear, then? If you wanted to be told you were normal, average, just like any other guy, maybe you should’ve just stuck with plain computer engineering. If you wanted admiration, maybe you should have done something more frivolous with your life, like athletics. Instead, you went into magic and made yourself a girlfriend out of spare parts. Is it an insult to say you’re a bit creepy, or is it what you wanted to make me feel in the first place? Because if it’s what you wanted to make me feel, you shouldn’t punish me for it.”

Comments: Erik continues to be disturbing to me, but I’m beginning to give myself permission to let the horrible stuff flow through me as easily as the sex. I think he’ll be even creepier in future drafts when I’m more subtle about it. At this almost stream of consciousness level, I’m not really thinking about the absolute best word choices, and it comes out as more showing than telling. While I think showing has its place, I’d still like to be less talky about what’s true and come at it more indirectly.

Oops, just noticed that I hadn’t changed Erik’s name from Carlo in the last sentence. My bad. x.x