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In retrospect, I wrote a lot but didn’t get very far. I do hope that FRIGID BITCH finds a home sometime next year, and I intend to do an intensive edit of WOLF GIRL, which is this close to being finished (two more chapters left, hope to finish before the end of the year, or just after). WOLF GIRL will probably be short novel length after edits, I’m thinking around 80-90k, whereas FRIGID BITCH is still over 100k.

2011 short story submissions:

“Crumbs”     June     Fairy tale     F/M, 4431 words     Rejected
“Wood and Bone”     June     Queer horror     M/M, 10765 words     Waiting
“Jaded”     July     Shapeshifter     F/F, 4486 words     Rejected
“Harvest”     Aug     Succubus     F/M, 2998 words     Waiting
“Irresistible”     Sept     Enchantments     F/M, 4453 words     Rejected
“Eyekeeper”     Nov     Sword and sorcery     F/M, M/M, 5989 words     Accepted

I’m not sure if this list is short or long. It felt like a lot of short stories until I looked at the list. I have a few shorts I wrote this year that ended up too long and so never got submitted, and I have a few partials that I hope to finish if I get inspired by an anthology submission call or if I’m feeling industrious. “Calling the Dragons Home” (F/M) was intended for the same anthology as “Eyekeeper,” but clocked in at 12k words before edits, and the max was 6k. I wrote a fairy tale short for the same anthology as “Crumbs” that ended up too long, but I intend to repurpose it for a general rather than erotic audience. “Ooze” is a partial erotic horror short (F/M), and “Minou” is a fairy tale retelling I’ve been working on for about two years, but I’ve just never been able to finish it. It’ll probably be over 10k by the time I am finished.