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Sometimes, the best part about writing supernatural/paranormal, erotica or gen audience, is that I can cheat with magic. I experienced this in WOLF GIRL and FRIGID BITCH to varying degrees, and with most of my short stories. It’s fun, it really is, and I think I learned it through the Harry Potter fandom. :)

When regarding sex in real life, there are all sorts of complications, the most terrifying (at least for me) being pregnancy and STDs, followed by emotional turmoil, guilt, shame, confusion, and the mess. Without magic, sometimes I stretch the truth by ignoring the Terrible Two. I’m fearful enough in real life, and I don’t want to bring that kind of fear into my fantasies (other kinds of fear are okay). However, with magic, there’s so much you can do to make these things abracadabra disappear. (See what I did there? It takes so little to amuse me.)

Afraid of pregnancy or STDs? Wave your wand or take a potion or use a poultice specially made to be more effective and much sexier than real life protection.

Not in the immediate mood? Get an aphrodisiac. Not enough lubrication as a result of not enough inspiration? Magic lube, which sterilizes and intensifies while also reducing discomfort. Also good for anal, which can be much less comfortable and requires more care in real life than fiction would have you believe. It’s magic!

As in the case of WOLF GIRL, enslaved a person and want them to want to have sex with you? Make them so sexually sensitive they sometimes can’t stand it. Use mental domination to control their feelings.

Sex is messy. Solution: Make the mess disappear after everything is finished. Poor, be gone! Better than OxyClean. Don’t want to get up to get the condoms or the whipped cream or to lock the door behind you? Telekinesis! Need to know what your partner really wants or what he or she is thinking? Telepathy!

Magic doesn’t do much for emotional turmoil, but where’s the fun in taking that away?

Bondage works better when you can summon your own bindings out of thin air. You can have sex in the snow if the werewolf’s body is really, really hot. A vampire’s bite is as sexual as other forms of penetration. And then the variety of sex you can come up with is that much more broad. Even just a very long tongue can make a huge difference. Ohhh myyy.

Like I told you, I cheat. But I love it.