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The Internal Clitoris

I am fascinated, as you might expect, by genitalia (once I get past the fact that genitalia generally has the appearance of raw meat … probably because it is) and the science of sexual pleasure. Like many other women, I’m frustrated with the lack of understanding or even interest about women’s sexual organs, and frustrated with the fact that we’ve only just learned within the last fifteen years that the clitoris isn’t just what we refer to colloquially as the clitoris or clit. I don’t see that stopping, but that little button is no more than the head of our clitoral organ – it’s our glans. A quite enjoyable little head, just as I’m sure the head of a cock enjoys pleasure all by itself.

The clitoris is an organ devoted solely to sexual pleasure. Its stimulation aids the ease of PIV sexual intercourse, but you can still have intercourse without one’s biological lubrication stimulated. Even the male’s prostate has a purpose beyond pleasure by excreting a clearish alkaline substance to help clean out the urethra of the penis from the acidity of urine (its excretions make up part of precome). When faced with this wonderful concept – an organ with no other purpose than pleasure – one would think that scientists would be endlessly fascinated and study it at length. Instead, medical scientists seem completely uninterested or even dismissive of the female pleasure organ. One might blame the fact that it’s more hidden than the organs that give males pleasure, but you and I both know that’s complete bullshit – we know how all these other hidden organs work.

I don’t think that scientists dismiss the clitoral organ intentionally – instead, giving them the benefit of the doubt, they assume that there is no interest because it’s of little interest to the act of procreation, because it’s of little use to the males, because female pleasure is not as important. Because of the study of the clitoris, and learning of all the nerve endings in the clitoral organ, one doctor who cares about restoring some sensitivity to the clitoris after genital mutilation finds himself alone in the midst of thousands of doctors unconcerned with the issue, never mind genital mutilation is a real issue amongst women born in areas that hate the very idea of female pleasure. We understand the penis as an organ of pleasure (if not exclusively so), but dog forbid we truly understand the ins and outs of female pleasure and correct the horrid misinformation in textbooks and medical literature, from people who should know better.

I’ve known for a while that the clitoris was not just the glans we lovingly call the clit, but so many women don’t. And so many women don’t even know where their clit is, or that their vagina isn’t their vulva, or how to masturbate, or how to ask their partner for what they want. Sure, a woman can’t see herself as well as a man can see himself, since her stuff is between her legs rather than in front, but it’s still a sad commentary on our society that we shy away from female pleasure and spend pages and pages in books talking about pregnancy. Those same books usually have fewer pages on men’s genitalia, but generally those pages are concerned with urination and sexual intercourse, which one might argue is necessary in procreation and is thus medically, scientifically, objectively valid to include. The contributions of the female pleasure organ in the process of sexual intercourse are obviously not important.

I want women to know their bodies, to understand themselves as well as they can. I don’t want this misinformation to continue, and I applaud scientists who take on this “useless” study.