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She slowly removed her bra, revealing plump, round, white globes with pebbled peaks...

I’ll admit, I’m torn on the subject of word choices in porn and erotic literature. The minute you think there’s a word that shouldn’t be used, you realize that a lot of people use it, which suggests it gets a significant portion of the population hot. Words that come up a lot are “moist” and “hole.” I get what people don’t like about them, yet they are also so common that I can’t excuse it as a crutch for sloppy writers, given porn and erotica’s purpose. Frankly, in the right context, they can do it for me.

Take “cunt” and “pussy.” Some people absolutely cannot stand “cunt” because of the negative connotations associated with it, more so than with “pussy.” But for my part, I much prefer “cunt” to “pussy” – it’s vulgar and guttural and hard, kind of like “cock,” which I like better than “dick.” I just like the sound better. Also, it’s what they used back in the medieval era, and that kind of amuses me. And when it comes to “pussy,” I mostly just think of cats, and it irritates my mild lisp.

And for all the prevalence of “precum” for pre-ejaculate and “cum” for the noun and verb form of ejaculate … that spelling makes me hit the back button or close a book faster than a jet-packed shot put. I absolutely cannot stand it, and yet it’s a staple for so much erotic literature I can hardly dismiss it.

So this post wasn’t so much me making a point as it was me waffling about my uncertainty. Hopefully, we all learn and grow from this experience. What are your opinions about forbidden words in erotica and porn? Are there words that you will not accept, period? What words do you like that other people don’t?