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Given that they are the commonest of monsters, just short of ghosts, it is no wonder that this phenomenon extends far beyond the boundaries of Twilight. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been a vampire girl.

So why do I keep writing about beasts?

I’ve always looked at the vampire vs. werewolf phenomenon as representative of one’s personality; namely, that you chose the one opposite of your personality. Both creatures as they are portrayed today are representative of a desire to break free from repression, usually sexual in nature. But they are two very different animals.

The vampire is often portrayed as cool/cold, collected, strategic. The way a vampire hunts, he is very calculating and patient. Seduction takes work and skill and self-control, so even if the feeding process is messy, luring in the food takes more finesse. Odds are, you’re looking for a vampire if you yourself are fairly independent and sometimes feel out of control. You’re looking for a Dominant to give you permission to yield your control to someone else, for someone else to take the reins of taking care of you, even if they take something from you in return.

Werewolves, on the other hand, hunt more like an animal and less like an evil human being. Werewolves are hot where vampires are cold. Even if they do plan, they often don’t have patience. They are ruled by their passions. They are the embodiment of the psyche’s id. People who want werewolves are usually people who are upstanding and uptight. They want to be swept up and swept away. They don’t want to yield their mind; they want to lose their mind.

So what my writing about beasts tells me is that even though I love a good, calculated seduction, right now I’m feeling too confined, and writing about werewolves gives me an outlet for being a little out of control. And when I’m writing about vampires, life is feeling overwhelming and I want someone else to take control. It kind of alternates every few years. Right now I’m luxuriating in a little bit of fur, but I predict I’ll be looking for a little fang soon.