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I’m very pleased to share that my long short story “Calling the Dragons Home” has been accepted by Total-E-Bound for e-book publication. It’s release date is Aug. 6, which means I’ll have stories coming out August, September, and October, so that’s a good publishing year for me. :)

I’ve moaned about being a long story writer a couple of times on this blog. Even my short stories tend toward around 8k and up to 15k, if I give them all the room to breathe that I find appropriate. I originally started writing CTDH for the Thrones of Desire call for submissions. When it crossed 10k and I was still writing, I knew I had no hope of editing it down without losing very important parts of the story. In fact, working with my TEB editor, CTDH ended up growing rather than shrinking, which was a new experience for me.

Given its state as a long story around 13-14k words, it ended up in the limbo area of too long for a short story and too short for a novella, which meant that the odds of it ever being printed were limited. That was when I first started seriously looking into e-books.

Total-E-Bound has been wonderful to me so far, completely professional, answering all my questions and dealing with me as I navigated some of the aspects of publishing that I was worried about (since my only experience has been in anthologies thus far). I am really looking forward to working with them now with CTDH and possibly in the future. For novel-length stories, they do offer print books on occasion in addition to their e-books, which also encourages me, as I like both options.

As far as CTDH itself, I’ll cover the story more when we get closer to the release date. So, this fall is going to be a busy one for me, but it will probably also get more interesting for everyone involved. :) It’s a story that I’m proud of and that I enjoyed writing. Sword-and-sorcery fantasy doesn’t come naturally to me – so it’s kind of funny I’ve got two S&S fantasy short stories coming out this year – but I especially enjoyed the experience of world-building that it requires.

I recently finished all the edits with my editor – and she caught a couple truly hilarious mistypes I managed to miss during my read-throughs – so now we wait for the publishing side of things to work its magic. When I get a cover, I’ll be sure to share it.