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Picture of a malamute, not a wolf. Yes, it’s relevant.

This is the news that I’ve been sitting on for about a month, but I got the contract back today, and so it’s official.

My shapeshifter and werewolf novel Frigid Bitch, now understandably titled Winter Howl (and henceforth tagged as such), has been accepted by Total-E-Bound and will be available as in e-book and trade paperback either November or December. TEB is doing some rearranging with how it releases books, so I’m not entirely sure. More news as it develops.

As I go through the edits a little later this year, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of thoughts to share, and closer to the release date, I’ll share some tasty excerpts and teases. Winter Howl was truly a pleasure to write, in more ways than one, and I’m thrilled that other people will be able to share that with me. Also, Winter Howl is the first book of the Sanctuary trilogy, which means that now that Winter Howl has been accepted, NaNo2012 will find me starting the second novel in the trilogy, working title Cry Wolf.

If there’s one thing that getting accepted makes me feel, besides fucking exciting, it’s that I want more of this. Wolf Girl still needs editing, but I want to write more, I want to share more. I have to remember that I only have so many hours in a day and writing is not my day job and I write for many different audiences. Fortunately, it’s something that I can do everyday, even if it isn’t full time.

Seriously, y’all, this has been a good year for me. One short e-book, two short stories in an anthology, and a novel. Hard to ask for more.