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Inspired by other bloggers, I thought I’d start sharing little bits and pieces of upcoming stories. They aren’t excerpts, per se, not that long. Just a few sentences. A tiny little spoonful to whet the appetite. Gets me excited, too, because it means it’s happening. It means something is coming.

From “Calling the Dragons Home” (Aug. 6, 2012):

Now, if I may ask for assistance from her venerable Majesty?” He turned and held out his hand, palm down. “A kiss, Your Majesty, to make the magic real.” His expression was closed, but those eyes — those odd, hazel eyes so framed by his distinguished brows — seemed to hold something of a dark mirth. Syra looked at that hand, then to her father, who firmly shook his head once.

She blinked, looked back to the magician, then lifted her hand from the arm of the chair to take his and bring it to her lips. Nothing but a brush, but she knew she was going to be corrected harshly for her impropriety. The heat was back in bloom in her cheeks, and she knew she could not hide it with everyone’s eyes on her.