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There really isn’t much going on here in the erotica department, although I’m getting some of my other projects done. Total-E-Bound is putting out a series of public domain novels with all the naught bits included, called Clandestine Classics, and it’s apparently caused a fuss. I find it hard to get worked up, especially since most of the behind-the-scenes sexual encounters in classic literature were a product of modesty, not necessarily preference. Everyone knew what they were talking about and were all scandalized and nodding about it behind their fans. I always wanted to know what was going on, voyeur-reader that I am. Especially in Woman in White, evil!Fosco/Marian Halcombe FTW (I would probably ask to participate in Clandestine Classics if I got to do Woman in White, but it’s likely taken and I don’t have the time for it right now). As an avid fanficcer, I just can’t find it in me to be offended, and as a English major, I kind of want to tell people to calm the fuck down. It’s fun!

Mostly these days, I’m waiting. I’m waiting for my stories to come out, a few months in succession. I’m waiting for the edits for Winter Howl to cross my desk (and wondering whether I can balance a novel project with edits in a timely fashion). And I’m waiting for November to come along so that I can write the Winter Howl sequel.

The release of “Calling the Dragons Home” comes ever closer. I enjoy going back over it to bring you these snippets, and I hope you enjoy the little tastes.

“And how do you plan to help me?” Syra asked.

Gilian pulled himself away slightly so that he could caress her cheek with his palm. “I think you know how. Since the Great Renovation, such things have not been done out of love or passion but only of necessity. However, they have incredible power, which is why they have been so restricted by the Edicts. Your magic knows how it must be released, and I can guide you through what you do not know on your own. That is, my Queen, if you wish me to.”