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It’s happening, folks. My first story with Total-E-Bound, “Calling the Dragons Home” is coming out tomorrow. A story about the dangers of repression, a totalitarian state set in sword-and-sorcery fantasy medieval times, with magic, magicians, a dance, dreams, and dragons, of course. And in the midst of that, a figurehead Queen learning the power of her sexuality and the need for passions. It was a pleasure to write – a style that permitted a little bit of melodrama, which was fun – and I hope that you enjoy it as well. Here’s an early bit of steam from the story.

He did not wait for her to adjust to such a new experience. Syra – who had never kissed any man, and who would have only had one chaste kiss in her life, had she ever married – found herself drowning in him, opening her mouth to accept him as he sank into her, tasting her with strong, deliberate thrusts of his tongue. But although she felt as though she melted beneath him, she could not help but taste him as well, tangle with him until she swept her hands around the shape of his skull to bring him still closer. Quite unintentionally, her teeth closed on his lower lip in a rush of hunger, and she sucked on the flesh she caught until, again, he groaned.

… “Ever since you were born,” he murmured against her lips, “I sensed the deep reservoir of magic within you. To see it so restrained, first by the Edicts and then by the additional requirements of your position as Queen… You were the first person in three lifetimes with the potential to return Dragonsong to its former glory.”