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Winter Howl isn’t out until the end of November, while my story “Eyekeeper” is coming out next month, but I’m too thrilled right now about getting my cover for the novel, at least a month earlier than I expected it. I haven’t even begun edits yet, and I’ve already got my freaking cover. And by the way, it’s fabulous. It’s perfect. It’s almost exactly what I asked for. I have a thing for the collage-type erotica covers, which Total-E-Bound does really well and attracted me to them in the first place. It’s a little cheesy, yes, but it’s also just so … pretty.

Check it out:

It hits me now and then that I have an actual novel that will be published. And since it’s long enough, it should be available in print. I’ll have a book on my shelf that is all mine. I sometimes can’t wrap my head around it, and other times I’m squeeing like a dork and doing a little dance.

Summary: Renee Chambers, a moderate-level agoraphobe, runs a no-kill dog sanctuary that doubles as a sanctuary for canine shapeshifters. Britt, her best friend who also acts as Renee’s service dog, persuades an anxious but curious Renee into a romance that has more than a little electricity. With her organization running smoothly and a girlfriend who loves her, life could be worse.

Then Grant Heath, a rogue werewolf, shows up and turns her safe, little world upside-down and inside-out with a side of out-of-control. She knows it’s a terrible idea, but when she’s with him, she feels different from her tightly wound, tightly controlled self – she almost feels normal. He never does anything she doesn’t want, but he also doesn’t care how far he pushes her beyond her agoraphobic limitations.

Renee finds herself caught between two different lovers, two different worlds. Should she stay with the shapeshifters and her sanctuary and accept being just an eccentric human being in a supernatural world? Or should she accept Grant’s offer to change her and run with him as a werewolf, violent and bloody, but also fearless?

Renee and Britt shared a room that was actually a loft above the great room. It was blocked off by a waist-high wall and a curtain to hide the rest. But a curtain did not always do enough to hide the sounds of gasps and pants and even restrained groans when Jake and Britt decided to get involved up there rather than in Jake’s room that he shared with Leslie. Which, Renee thought, would be more considerate. At least that room had four walls, a door, and a door knob to put a sock on. To their credit, they were trying to be quiet since they were in a less private place. But trying to be quiet and being quiet were two different things. Renee sighed and sat on the sofa to wait them out. The most frustrating part about it was not the way that things creaked and the way their breathing incited a certain number of enticing visuals – and she could not even go into her room to deal with the tingling between her legs at hearing them.