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Several things are happening. First, Seductress – the succubus anthology for which I contributed “Harvest” – is coming out on Oct. 16, although you seem to be able to get copies already.

Second, I’m wrapping up a writing project. Third, my edits for Winter Howl are coming in soon. Fourth, I’ll be working on Winter Howl‘s sequel, Cry Wolf, for NaNoWriMo this year.

If it sounds like I’m busy, it’s because I am, but writing is a kind of work that energizes rather than enervates me. Also, I’m thoroughly excited about the Sanctuary trilogy, period. It’ll even be helpful that I have to go over Winter Howl and get everything as finalized as possible before starting in on Cry Wolf.

The biggest shock to my system is going to be moving from Renee’s perspective – albeit through third-person – to a new protagonist, although I’ll return to Renee in the final book of the trilogy. I’ll have to get used to seeing Renee through other people’s eyes and try to stay out of too much of her life. Still, Kelly is an awesome person, and I’ll enjoy trailing her for a while.

So that’s what I’m doing in this radio silence – getting prepared to sink in for the long haul of devoting time to my erotica. That should cover part of October all the way through January, if I decide to edit Wolf Girl after finishing Cry Wolf. Incidentally, while I wrote Wolf Girl in the same universe, it’s a completely separate story. Just saying.