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So, Winter Howl is coming out at the end of December, and I just got the first edits in to my editor. (A little less than two weeks after she got them to me, just so you know I wasn’t sitting on them for months and working on them last minute.) Holy cow, things are moving fast.

I thought I was going to write about Winter Howl during the editing process and share ALL the thoughts, but as it turned out, I was so busy trying to get it done so that I can finish another project before November that there was no time for sharing.

Here are a few things, though:

– Reading for the purpose of correcting edits is not the same as reading it the first time through and editing it all by yourself. The parts that usually get me worked up were all business during the edits.

– I made a few utterly hilarious mistakes, so the way my editor pointed them out was good for a giggle.

– I edited 250 pages in four days. This was made easier by the tracking feature in Word, since many of the changes I accepted were British punctuation and spelling as well as independent body parts that needed to be reattached, which was just a matter of alternate wording. So most of the time, I was just reading through and clicking Accept.

– There were many parts that I couldn’t remember what I meant and the sentences gave no context. I am mysterious, but you’ll never know that. Those sentences got nixed.

– The biggest change was adding a whole new chunk of a scene in to address safe sex. I generally don’t do that, as I mention in that post. But my editor brought it up, and I figured out a way to bring it into the story without interrupting the fantasy, which is my main concern. It’s brief, but it does the job.

– I really don’t like double-space. I don’t know why it makes a difference to my reading, but it does. It makes everything seem juvenile to me, not just my writing. But I recognize that as my own quirk, and I’m pretty sure most other people don’t have that problem.

– By the third day, I was getting a little worn down with the “fix this, fix that.” I know my editor loves the story, and I really don’t take any of the corrections personally. They were all very needed. But apparently I need a little validation once in a while.

– I still love this story. I think, emotionally, I’m past it. I got out what needed to be got out, and now I’m two years later and dealing with new things. But the story is a good one, and I’m looking forward to starting the second book in the Sanctuary trilogy.