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Quote of the Week: “It was bad enough when the curse made her life miserable, but then she had to bring it out into the world with her, a one-woman storm, a one-woman blight, a one-woman disaster. But what was she supposed to do? Live alone in a cabin in the woods?”

The rumors are true: I’m writing Winter Howl‘s sequel, Cry Wolf, for NaNoWriMo 2012. Of course the rumors are true. I started them.

I won’t be too spoilery, but I do want to mention that my Cry Wolf protagonist is Kelly, a werewolf that Renee meets in Winter Howl who also happens to be a witch. Yes, there’s a joke in there somewhere. Winter Howl used to be Frigid Bitch, and I was initially going to name the sequel something like Season of the Bitch or Witch Bitch or something like that. Totally tongue-in-cheek. Instead, in keeping with the “howl” theme, it’s Cry Wolf. I can live with that.

So far, 17k words means I’ve downed a prologue and a chapter and a half. Thus far, I have had only one sex scene, but the next one is coming up, and hopefully that’ll knock down a good portion of the word count. I’m hoping to finish November with over 60k words, and I hope to finish the novel before the end of the year. The full goal is about 100k words, so that it’s not too far off the mark from Winter Howl‘s length.

Because I was working on several projects during October, not just writerly ones, I didn’t get a chance to really mull over where I was going with Cry Wolf. So when November started, all I had to work with was the synopsis I had to write for Total-e-Bound when they accepted Winter Howl, since for some reason they want to know where you’re going for a trilogy. Can’t imagine why.

There was a little bullshitting going on in the first two chapters. I highlighted out about 2k words at the very beginning, since they can still count for NaNo that way, but I don’t want to acknowledge they’re there. I had to restart the prologue, and I’ll probably need to revamp the beginning of Chapter 1 as well. But I had to revamp the first chapter of Winter Howl about three times before getting it right. Beginnings always trip me up, especially with inadequate preparation. I’m still feeling my way through the second chapter, but I think once I get my crazy kids together and know my characters better, things will start falling into place. That will give me a foundation to work with during edits.

Sometime this month, I’m going to have to do the line edits for Winter Howl, which is another reason I’m trying to get ahead, so that I can set aside some time for that.