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There is something about National Novel Writing Month. Not only do you have to contend with Thanksgiving and the family demands, but other things tend to try and get in the way. November is a magnet for I’m-more-important-than-your-writing things. It’s particularly ironic (I think it’s ironic; you may see it as a confluence of unfortunate events) when that thing that gets in the way of writing the second novel in a trilogy is doing the edits of the first novel in the trilogy.

At the end of October, I was frantically trying to finish another project, and I get an email with my Winter Howl edits. Okay, so I set that project aside and pull up Winter Howl. As soon as I finish those edits, I have to force myself back in the other mindset, but at least I get it done in time for NaNo2012.

Cue November. I try to get as much written in the first week as I can, because I know that there’s always going to be something for which I need a word count cushion.

Cue another email from my editor – a frantic email, since I was away that weekend and didn’t have access to wireless – this time with my line edits (the copyeditor’s edits plus a last look by the editor). I apologize profusely and thank goodness that I was able to get ahead. Fortunately, it’s all the same universe, so I’m not giving up too much to set aside Cry Wolf to go back to Winter Howl. I do my second official edit (I’d done about 3-4 unofficial edits before sending it to TEB), and my cushion absorbs the word count I wasn’t able to tackle through those few days.

Of course, once I send it off, FINISHED jitters hit. Because holy shit, what if I made a huge mistake and overlooked a huge error, and EVERYBODY SEES IT. Prior to this, I had the luxury of turning around and bringing up Winter Howl and editing whenever I found something wrong. And even so, my editor found plenty of clunky syntax and a few errors that truly gave me a laugh. I was reassured with great compassion.

Cue discovering a huge misspelling of a name the day after sending in my finalized draft. Thankfully, it was caught in time.

I’m going to need my Black Russian tomorrow. Just saying.

And all of this to let you know that I do this all for you. :) No, actually, this is a kind of stress I can handle. This is the kind of stress that makes me feel good. All of this is work, of course, but it’s work that fulfills me. I love writing and I love the editing process, even if it happened around NaNo2012. Why shouldn’t it? Winter Howl was my NaNo2010. Seems only appropriate that PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE in the middle of November.

Oh, I’m sorry, is my inner capslock showing?

Pre-order the Winter Howl ebook today and get it on December 24.