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Quote of the Week: “I’m just so … I’m just so angry,” ______ said. “All the time. I’m furious at people I love.”

“The wolf makes it worse, but that kind of anger is normal,” Kelly said, stroking his hair and running her claws over his scalp. “It’s called grief, honey, and it’s okay to miss what you were. But change is the only constant in life, and as therianthrope and lycanthrope, you should know that better than most.”

I was going to write up a commentary last week, but then I got my Winter Howl line edits and just didn’t have the opportunity for most of the week. Then I wanted to wait for the weekend to be over, since I achieved my goal of writing over 10k words this weekend alone.

We had an all-nighter write-in at IHOP on Friday night, which qualifies as weekend. It was a lot of fun with a group of fellow NaNoers trying to keep each other awake with word sprints. I always look forward to it. I won one word sprint and didn’t compete at my full level the other two. And the last one my hands were starting to cramp up. :) I’m a fast writer, which works to my advantage. So, fueled with pancakes and a gingerbread hot chocolate and two coffees that afternoon (note to self: never drink more than one coffee, for your own safety), I made it through about 5k words by 3 a.m. and went home. I did write-ins Saturday and Sunday to bring me to 35k, for a total of 11k words this weekend. I’m significantly ahead, and I don’t anticipate needing the cushion again, so I’m shooting for over 60k words this month.

There are several major differences in writing Kelly as the protagonist instead of Renee. For one thing, Winter Howl was a good deal about Renee’s growth, emerging from her fear. Kelly’s already been through all that. She’s more a woman of the world than Renee is. She’s still got some fear in her, but she’s a hardened werewolf, so her problems are of a different sort, the sort that comes from a woman who already knows her strength rather than one discovering it.

The other is in the same vein: Kelly is sexually experienced and uninhibited. She already knows what she wants, which is refreshing for me as a writer after easing Renee into her sexual expression. At the same time, I’ve had some negative personal reactions to writing Kelly’s sex scenes, because as much as I’d like to be beyond Renee’s state of mind, I’m still kind of in that place myself. However, Kelly is less physically breakable than Renee, so a lot of the sexual danger that characterized Winter Howl is virtually nonexistent in Cry Wolf, and that’s also a good thing to work with.

It’s been some work getting into the heads of characters that I didn’t spend a lot of time on in Winter Howl, but I’m slowly discovering their personalities through dialogue, which will probably be cleaned up in edits. In the meantime, I’m mostly trying to get the sex scenes solid and weave together a reasonably paced plot. It seems to be going well so far.