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Word count: 51,077/100,000

Quote of the Week: “I’m not going to touch a hair on their shifty little heads,” Damien said, unfazed. “You’re the one they have to fear, not me.”

I won NaNo2012 yesterday, but naturally, I haven’t gotten anywhere near finishing the novel. I was, however, happy that some of the bigger conflicts started happening before I crossed the 50k mark. It’s not that things weren’t happening before, it’s just that I was eager for the supernatural drama to start hitting the fan.

One of the things that is quite different from Winter Howl – along with stuff I’ve already mentioned – it’s that there’s still more flexible relationships, but I’ve introduced an element of jealousy into Cry Wolf. Because polyamory isn’t for everyone. It’s not, hopefully, the back-stabbing, incendiary, soap opera-ish kind of jealousy, because that kind of drama doesn’t interest me. But it’s there nonetheless, and it’s a little weird writing it after the open relationship between Renee and her people.

Another thing that’s cropping up in Cry Wolf that wasn’t really addressed Winter Howl is misogyny, particularly in werewolf pack dynamics. That’s been an ugly road to walk for me, since I’ve been having personal struggles on the subject.

There are things that are really annoying me about a character, but hopefully I can fix that in edits. He’s got legitimate beefs and his emotions are on edge, I just wish he were more articulate about it rather than repetitive. But like I said, it really is a first-draft thing than a genuine grievance against him, I’m pretty sure. It’s all in tone, and that can theoretically be changed in revisions.

I’m shooting for 60k by the end of the month and past 65k by the end of next weekend and finished by the end of the year. That’s the goal, so I can let it sit for a while before going through my first edit later next year. However, early next year, I’ll be editing Wolf Girl, so I won’t be completely abandoning erotica for months. :)