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1113326_42556513typewriterbyjaylopezWord count: 60,065/100,000

Quote of the Week: “Damn right we don’t have to get there tonight,” Kelly said. “If you think I’m driving eight hours on two hours of sleep, you’ve got another think coming. I may be a werewolf, but I need my zees.”

I achieved my personal goal of crossing 60k in one month. Maybe next year I’ll raise it up to 70k, since I won’t be traveling next November, to my knowledge.

Now my goal is to finish the story, whether it takes 100k words or 125k words by the end of this month. I won’t get as much of a break as I thought I was, which pisses me off, but I’ll work with what I have, starting with at least an additional 5k this weekend.

Kelly continues to be a joy to write. We largely haven’t gotten into her personal insecurities as of yet because most of them she’s dealt with to one degree or another, which means it isn’t constantly there with her. But she’s going to get her challenge soon. I’m looking forward to it. And I still need to work on writing magic just happening. That’s a bit of a challenge, because it’s easier to write physical cause and effect rather than an effect with no discernible cause other than magic. But hey, I don’t back down from challenges. It’ll be a learning experience.

And my male main character apologized for a lot of his dickishness, which as I explained in the last post, he had good reason to be miffed and overemotional, but that doesn’t excuse him. At least he knows he’s doing it.

One thing that’s fun about writing a sequel are the parallels to the first novel. I love how there’s supposed to be those parallels, how things connect. It really does help that I worked on Winter Howl end of October and middle of November, because that makes all of it fresh in my mind.