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1113326_42556513typewriterbyjaylopezWord count: 82,005/100,000 words

Quote of the Week: He looked up at Kelly, his eyes fiery. “I see why you like the boy. He is exquisite in submission. The beast knows its place before a man with power, a man who will not be prey.”

Finally starting to get into the meat and potatoes of the more pressing conflict in the novel, which is kind of weird for it to appear in the latter half, but that’s the way it ended up, and at least I had foreshadowing of it in the form of a literal prophecy in the first half.

I’m discovering that I still have religion issues, although that’s not really a surprise. My villain of the piece isn’t explicitly religious. By Christian standards, he’s a heretic. But he borrows a lot of language, and he presents his message as a kind of cultish offshoot of the main religion, a charismatic cult. Whoa, when did this story decide to get heavy? Oh, all right, this was already planned, and I’m having a lot of fun with my villain. And I anticipate that he’ll get even more fun in the next ten thousand words.

And as the villain gets more fun, the more insecure Kelly gets, so that’s interesting to write. Also interesting is how lost the male love interest is at this juncture. It’s very strange to write a relatively submissive male, given I usually write rogue- and alpha-type males, but what can I say? He’s a lover, not a fighter, and I find it quite endearing. Especially since his submission doesn’t make him any less of a man in my eyes, and while he’s a little insecure about not being able to help, his masculinity isn’t damaged by it. So he’s not a fighter, but he is strong. I value that in a guy.

And for the record, writing a woman comfortable with dominance when it suits her is a fucking blast.

Still deciding whether to make this scene a partial threesome. I have until tonight to make the decision. Or rewrite it later, but I never like doing that.

At this point, I anticipate a final word count in the 110-120k range, but I’ve been known to grossly underestimate my first draft count, so cross your fingers I’m right. I really want to be done with this by the first of January.