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winterhowl_800 - smallAlways exciting, your first novel being made widely available. I’m be on the Total-e-Bound lazy susan on the home page for a week. My absolutely gorgeous cover is one of the first things people see when they go to the site. (Btw, print books should become available at the end of March.)

In my opinion, there’s nothing more Christmas-y than a story about bloody werewolves and often-naked shapeshifters. Then again, it is called Winter Howl, set about a month before Christmas. Think of it as something to curl up with on a cold winter’s night, something to warm your bed on Christmas Eve. I put the X in X-mas, baby.

I’ll do more official release celebrations after the New Year, since I’ll be able to afford things like bookmarks and magnets and coffee mugs. I’ll have a Trivia post on stuff that didn’t make it into the novel or to hint at things coming up in Cry Wolf. I’ll also be sending out stuff for reviews, so we’ll see how that goes. I may have a giveaway or two. I’m new at this, figuring out what works, so bear with me.

Purchase Winter Howl here. Filled with hot m/f action with a werewolf and steaming f/f action with a malamute shapeshifter. Plenty of rough sex, some D/s dynamic (nothing official), and even a menage a trois in there. Enjoy!

Here, have an f/f excerpt:

“Am I going to start as usual, or are you?” Britt asked.

Since Renee did not even know where to begin or what the question really was, she waited for Britt to start.

Britt inhaled to brace herself, then went into it. “Okay, I know I kind of stepped into it by kissing you in the middle of a crowded room when it was the last thing you expected or maybe even wanted. But I can’t apologise. It was going to happen sometime. I knew that, and I guess you suspected it might. That makes me question my covertness, but that’s not the point. The point is that we have a decision to make. Do you want to pursue this, this new angle of what I think we’ve always had? I don’t know whether you think the same way. You’ve always kept what you think or feel pretty close to the vest, even though I know that you tell me more than you tell everyone else. But I sometimes have to feel my way through the craziness that is your mind. And I don’t usually babble like this, but you know that I’m…”

“Nervous,” Renee finished for her.

“Yes.” Britt relaxed her shoulders a bit.

Renee bit her lip as she considered what to do. Her lip felt dry, and she licked it a little, sensing how dry her whole mouth was now.

The hum of continued conversation from the other side of the curtains reminded her that they were not really alone, but the fact that no one could see them gave her a little bit of courage, and she stood from her perch on the end of her bed and walked over to where Britt sat, then stepped between Britt’s knees. Even sitting, Britt did not have to bend her neck too much to see Renee. And Renee did not have to lean down very far before she was eye-to-eye with Britt. She was surprised at her own daring, her own willingness to push herself through some of the barriers that kept her from really connecting. She threaded her fingers through Britt’s hair, burying her hands in the mass of dark brown curls.

Britt had always been a grounding influence, and this was another time that she did not disappoint.

Renee felt the flutter of Britt’s breath on her lips as she leaned closer, using her grip on Britt’s hair to angle her head just right. Britt slid her fingers over the curve of Renee’s hips, pulling her even closer, and they were kissing again. It was completely different when they were alone, much easier for each to experience the sheer sensation of the other, every touch, every sigh that no one else could hear.

Britt had to be the one to bring the kiss to the next level. Renee did not exactly understand the logistics of a kiss in practice, but Britt took her teaching role in stride. The warmth of the woman’s tongue against Renee’s lower lip was amazing, not at all what she had expected—she had known that tongues were a part of some kisses, but she hadn’t thought she would enjoy that. She was pleasantly surprised as Britt slid her tongue against Renee’s own.

It took a hand on Renee’s to tell her that she was holding too tightly to Britt’s hair, and they broke apart, laughing a little.

“Sorry,” Renee muttered.

“No,” Britt said. “It’s okay. It’s good that you’re excited. I want you excited.” She slipped a hand beneath Renee’s shirt to press the palm of her hand on the flat of Renee’s stomach. “And I want you to do what you want, what feels good for you, Renee. I promise you won’t break me, and feeling your way is half the fun. It’s okay to make mistakes. You know that you can trust me, and I know that I can trust you. It’s the safest place in the world, right here. All right?”