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1113326_42556513typewriterbyjaylopezFinal word count: 122,037 words

I kept meaning to do another progress post, but then I kept telling myself I was close to the end and could wait until the novel was finished before I did an update. It took a little longer than expected since I was not able to write two days over the last two weeks, and yes, that makes a difference. I could have finished Christmas Day! But understandably, I didn’t write that day, silly me.

I actually meant to finish it today instead of last night, since I had a morning appointment, and I am not a morning person, so I have to go to bed earlier. But yeah, I didn’t make it to bed earlier because I was on a roll and so close to finishing that it would have been wasteful for me not to finish the last thousand or so words. I went to bed at my normal time and was sick sometime last night and had restless dreams, but who cares, because Cry Wolf is finished before the new year, which was my goal! 122k words in less than two months, which is pretty awesome!

I’m mostly happy with where it ended up, although I already know one major change needs to happen, for continuity’s sake between the books. But that’s okay, I can work with it. It really was interesting writing a more submissive male with a subtly dominating female. I don’t do that a lot. Usually it’s troubled or submissive female with a more dominating male, and other times the relationship is egalitarian. So I’m broadening my range. I think eventually I’ll write a post on writing non-institutionalized D/s and BDSM in fiction. I like reading the institutional stuff, but I seem to write less contractual and more organic relationships, and it’s a challenge to balance it in such a way that it’s clear all parties are into it.

Well, for now, I’ll put Cry Wolf on the shelf and let it ferment for a while. It’ll probably lose about 10-15k words in editing, which will either be in February or sometime in the summer. However, Wolf Girl is first on the docket for editing in the new year, and I have one novella I’d like to work on and a submission call I’d like to do. I won’t be as writing-disciplined during the next two months as I have been, but I do hope to get some additional writing done, because what the hell else am I going to do with my time, besides catch up on TV shows?