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winterhowl_800 - smallI use music as inspiration, no matter what the story I’m writing. I love making playlists. But sometimes I hear a song and immediately think to myself, This belongs with my novel. This is perfect. Somewhere, someone wrote a song that strikes the perfect chord, that resonates with the novel’s frequency. The music isn’t so much inspiration as representation. Below are a few examples of songs that resonated with Winter Howl.

“Hunting High and Low” – A-ha – This song is Grant’s, as you might imagine. Grant’s feelings for Renee are complicated, but there’s no denying their intensity. As a werewolf, he’s a hunter at heart, and in his own way, his love for Renee is simply another hunt.

“Goodnight Moon” – Shiveree – I love this noir song for Renee. It’s about a woman who feels like a scared little girl, but that’s only because something really is after her, something that could be a monster in the dark, but there’s a suggestion that the monster has something to worry about. The little girl, however scared, is resourceful.

“Elsewhere” – Sarah McLachlan – I typed “Elsewhere” lyrics at the beginning of the novel during the first draft. SM writes some wonderfully meditative lyrics, songs with a peaceful center in spite of the richness and darkness of the emotions in them. “Elsewhere” is one of those songs. “Elsewhere” is Renee’s sanctuary, her safe place, her place of peace. The relationship in the song represents Britt to her as well.

“Bloody Pleasures” – Blutangel – This is one of the songs for Renee and Grant’s relationship, sensual in its violence, the flash of silver of the knife, the drawing of blood, and clinging still closer.

“Lose Control” – Evanescence – This is what Renee wants more than anything else, and it’s a representation of her first secret liaison with Grant, the terrible need for her to finally – finally – be able to truly lose control, no matter how ashamed she might be to have that with Grant.