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1269145_41051931trublueboyThis is just a heads-up that I decided on a whim to write an erotic romance novella in the month of March. Seriously, I decided that this evening, on the way to a restaurant. And I came up with the plot on the way back. I’m really excited about it, not least because it won’t be as extensive and time-consuming as my usual long novels over a hundred thousand words. On the contrary, my plan is to stay in the 40-50k word count, and since there’s really only one thing going on, it shouldn’t go over that. It better not go over that. I have a butcher knife and I’m not afraid to use it. If it does, things will end up on the cutting floor. These gutters will run red if this novella doesn’t turn on a tasty bit of month-long fun.

Seriously, y’all. Excited. I can’t believe I have to wait a month before I can start, but I have other things I need to do first.