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I’ve officially decided to self-publish Wolf Girl as well as the long short story Wood and Bone, since I doubt they would find a publisher or be allowed in any book store except Smashwords and Amazon. I believe they have plenty of literary merit, but naturally I’m a biased and overly serious erotica writer, so what the hell do I know, right?

I’m going to have to do some research and talk to my accountant about what I would need to set up a LLC for a publishing imprint and how I would deal with tax things for people I pay to edit. I’ve also talked to someone who’s edited for me before, and she’s indicated an interest. In addition, I’ve been trolling art sites for people to ask if I can use their image for a cover (for money, of course).

I think I’m going to make a goal of having Wolf Girl and Wood and Bone available for sale by Summer 2014. Since self-publishing wasn’t an avenue I had initially considered, I haven’t really done enough research of the business side of it, and I won’t feel comfortable putting myself out there before I’ve got the bureaucracy nailed down. I’ve made that mistake before. Always get the bureaucracy right first. Everything after that is gravy.

Of course, it would be awesome if I had them up before that, but I’m giving myself some wiggle room to work on erotic romance and other projects. After all, Cry Wolf still needs a first revision, then needs to be sent to TEB for more work, and I’ll be working on that novella I wrote about in the last post, and then this November I’ll be working on Call for Blood. Guess I better start thinking about that, huh?