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1200003_88771071Working Title: The Four (This will probably change, since I think it’s weak)
Word Count: 11,577/50,000

Summary: Earth, air, fire, water … Four complete strangers who also happen to be dangerously powerful elemental witches must combine their elements and restore nature’s balance. And by “combine their elements,” they have to have lots and lots of sex. There are worse ways to avert an apocalypse.

Favorite line: “If we cast our bones and find out you haven’t boned, I’m going to have a bone to pick with your bones. Got it?”

Notes: As you can tell, this novella is totally not serious. I’m having a blast writing clever, punny, and geeky dialogue (primarily coming from my airwitch, Ash, the little minx, although the above comes from one of the Seers that brings all the elementals together), and eventually I’m going to have a blast writing various permutations of kinky, elemental sex.

This is unlike anything I’ve ever written before, since I’m usually all about the angst. This story has some angst, especially for my firewitch, Leona, but for a story about an impending apocalypse and witches who are inherently dangerous to themselves and others, it’s surprisingly light-hearted. Aside: “Witch” in this universe is a gender-neutral term (reasoning borrowed from The Secret Circle, which makes sense to me). I’ve got two men and two women, but they’re all witches.

It’s also unusual amongst my stories because it’s very emphatically third-person omniscient. My usual perspective is third-person limited, but when I do TP-O, I tend to separate the perspectives and focus on one primary character. In this story, however, all the elementals are primary and have their say, which I kind of like. Ash, my airwitch, anchors the story, but I care about all four of them, so I jump into each of their heads. I don’t know whether it’s sloppy or not, but I don’t feel like it is at this point in time. I guess I’ll find out during edits.

I’m hoping this story doesn’t end up too much more than 50k. In fact, I’d be happy with it if it ended up in the 40k area, but judging from where I am, it’ll probably be closer to 50k. It’s my plan to keep it fairly short in comparison to my usual novel-length stories and not take any more time than four weeks to write. I just wanted to have a little fun.

Basically, this was my reaction to having the much darker Wolf Girl turned down. As a variation of what I said before, there are worse ways to get over rejection.