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1200003_88771071Working Title: The Four (This will probably change, since I think it’s weak)
Word Count: 20,018/50,000

Summary: Earth, air, fire, water … Four complete strangers who also happen to be dangerously powerful elemental witches must combine their elements and restore nature’s balance. And by “combine their elements,” they have to have lots and lots of sex. There are worse ways to avert an apocalypse.

Favorite line: “You know that whole ‘careful what you wish for’ thing?” Ash murmured against the corner of Leona’s mouth. “Totally true. Usually worth it.”

Notes: Ash continues to be my favorite person who would probably exhaust the hell out of me in real life.

Leona and Ash were a whole lot easier to get together than Nathaniel and Tom, and for the record, one of the members of each of those pairings was completely straight; hence, the difficulty. But sex magic and elemental magic are tricksy little buggers, and fortunately we managed to get through those pairings without much in the way of homophobia.

In spite of being sick on Monday and suffering a strange muscle pull on Wednesday, I’m almost caught up with my goals. Anything I can’t do, I can make up this weekend or next week. After all, shit happens. It helps that these peeps really are fun to write.

There were at least two witty responses to things that completely dropped out of my head before I could put them in writing. Don’t you just HATE that? So frustrating.

I’m starting to worry that my 50k goal is conservative. I hope it’s not too much over. I’ve got other things on my schedule for April.