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winterhowlprintJust received my amazing trade paperbacks of Winter Howl. I squealed and jumped around like a little girl when I could finally put a paperback that was fully my own with all of my anthology copies.

I underestimated how big they would be. They’re actually longer, page-wise, than the e-book, in the three hundreds, and pretty tightly spaced. As you can see, it’s also on the larger end of paperback sizes. At least that gives me a good idea of what to expect for my longer novels. Yikes. The mini-bac is there for comparison. The book is thicker than the bac.

It is truly surreal to see my words filling a book. I turn the pages, and I recognize this part and that part and that part, holy shit it’s all mine. And it’s published. It’s hard to get that solidly through my head in the e-world, in part because I put stuff out digitally all the time.

The trade paperback makes it real.

You can purchase the paperback at Amazon or Total-e-Bound right now. You can purchase Winter Howl as an e-book at Amazon or Total-e-Bound. Just a note that it’s cheaper at TEB than Amazon.