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1200003_88771071Working Title: The Four (This will probably change. I’ve been playing with puns, but none of them have spoken to me.)
Word Count: 35,033/50,000

Summary: Earth, air, fire, water … Four complete strangers who also happen to be dangerously powerful elemental witches must combine their elements and restore nature’s balance. And by “combine their elements,” they have to have lots and lots of sex. There are worse ways to avert an apocalypse.

Favorite line: “Where do you stand on tree bondage?” Tom said, crossing his arms over his chest and observing his handiwork with a smirk.

Notes: Magic definitely makes things … interesting.

For the first time, my characters significantly deviated from my plans. I’m usually pretty meticulous about plotting things out and arranging scene sequences beforehand. When I start plotting, scenes pop up in my head, and my method is to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B based on points I’ve already created.

But I’ve discovered that I kind of have to scrap two whole scenes (I said scenes instead of sex scenes because the whole story is basically a series of strung together sex scenes in a plotty way) that I’d planned since the early stages. This just doesn’t happen. I’m kind of glad it did, like I’ve crossed some writer’s rite of passage, where my characters decide to go a different way than I’d planned. It mostly happened because the pairings I expected to click didn’t, and the pairings I wanted to get out of the way for the main show ended up being the main show. I think it has something to do with similar versus complementary elements and the accompanying personality traits.

I’ve tried to integrate elements of those scenes I planned (and liked) into other scenes instead. On the bright side, it means that this baby will probably clock in at about the length I wanted it instead of 10-14k words longer. I’m glad for that, because it means the end is within reach instead of half a story away.

Next on the docket: Finish The Four, edit a short story, write and edit another story story, and edit Cry Wolf. I’ll probably ask my editor to take her time on that, since I’m taking on a huge project after I finish. Either that, or I’ll save the Cry Wolf edits for after that project. It’s a dilemma, because I wanted something to come out this summer. And by summer, that includes most people’s fall. I live in Texas. What do you want from me?