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1200003_88771071Working Title: The Human Element (Changed from The Four. I may stick with this one.)
Word Count: 46,621/50,000 (COMPLETE!)

Summary: Earth, air, fire, water … Four complete strangers who also happen to be dangerously powerful elemental witches must combine their elements and restore nature’s balance. And by “combine their elements,” they have to have lots and lots of sex. There are worse ways to avert an apocalypse.

Favorite line: “I’m pretty sure that exclaiming to the Twisted crew ‘Let’s go to Vegas!’ wouldn’t end in weeping and gnashing of teeth,” Ash said.

Notes: I did a great typo that I just had to share: “She remembered how he had dipped his tongue into her novel.” Hot, right?

I could have totally managed more than 50k in three weeks, but as luck would have it, my characters thwarted my plans once again and cut out another scene. As it turned out, this story ended up exactly as long as I wanted it to be. Another first. Usually they end up longer, and I raise my fist and curse the sky.

It’s nice to have set up a timeline and length for a novella and have it actually work out that way, even if I lost some scenes I initially wanted. I figure that if I cut the scenes because the characters decided to go a different direction, it’s better than cutting them because I’m impatient or don’t want to go over the count. That is intolerable in my book.

The process of writing it was just as fun as I wanted and maybe needed, with a dash of seriousness to ground it.

Naturally, now that it’s finished, I want to rush and send it to my editor for assessment, but I’m going to be a good writer and set it aside for a few months, then give Cry Wolf precedence, since it came first and I want to knock down the Sanctuary trilogy. And I decided that I would wait until I finished my next huge project before editing Cry Wolf. For my own sanity. So I’m guessing I won’t get to revisions until July or August. But still, success!

I’ve got a few other even shorter novellas bouncing around in my head now. The gratification is much faster than my long novels, even though that’s the kind of writer I tend to be.

I’ve created a monster.