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1269145_41051931trublueboyI know there’s been a lot of radio silence from me. With any luck – and a lot of stress, I’m sure – I’ll have more to talk about in the second half of the 2013 year. I’ve submitted a lot of short stories and long short stories to various anthologies over the last two to three months – some new and some trunk stories. That’s why you have trunk stories, sometimes. You wait around until they fit somewhere. I will, of course, let everyone know if I’m officially accepted, and rejections will be revealed in the end-of-the-year recap post.

I’ve also had a number of new plots sprout in my head ready for the writing over the last few months, and me without time to write them at the moment. It’s a blessing and a curse, really. Some people are wandering the arid desert unable to find an idea, and here I am in the oasis with plenty of sustenance, but I’m damn full.

In the meantime, I’ve been going through the process of putting things in place to self-publish Wolf Girl and various shorter stories. The way things are going, it may not be out until Summer 2014, but at least I’ve decided it will be out eventually. I’ll take the consequences as they come, because there are consequences to keeping it to myself as well, such as supporting a system that shames harmless fantasy that has plenty of literary value, thank you very much.

After I finish this current ginormous project I’ve been working on lately, I’ll immediately tackle Forces of Nature (previously The Four and The Human Element) edits, which should be fun. If it gets accepted, I don’t envy the cover artists. Threesomes are hard enough, and FoN has a foursome. Then, after Forces of Nature, I’ll either work on some short stories for submission calls or tackle Cry Wolf edits.

I still haven’t decided whether to write the last of the Sanctuary trilogy novels this NaNoWriMo or whether to do something else. I suspect it’ll be something else this term, probably because I’ll be working on Cry Wolf edits from the company at that point, if not later, and it’s best to write the sequel when the previous novels are locked in. Also, I could use a break from the ‘verse, and some of my other ideas are quite tasty. Not a horror novel, sadly, as referenced in the last post. But tasty nonetheless.