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1269145_41051931trublueboyMiss Evans – that is, me – now has her own Facebook fan page, where she will generally not refer to herself in third person. She can’t promise she won’t, though.

The benefits to liking my Facebook fan page? I get writer-drunk (rarely actual-drunk, so how else am I supposed to get my kicks?) and will spew my musings about what I’m writing or editing as it happens, then weave it all together for a coherent blog post a few times a week when I really get rolling on a project. You’ll also get sneak peeks at lines I like – all within Facebook’s TOS, of course.

I will also probably post a few times a year (or month) about my somewhat lonely love of lesbian and bisexual female characters in erotic romance and erotica. You are free to moan and groan with me.

There will also be links: Links to interesting articles written by erotica writers, about erotica, and mainstream missteps about it.

You’ll get first look at covers, print book photos, a look at my authorial book shelf as it grows, and you’ll be the first to learn when I get a contract for something exciting. I’m almost always excited about it.

I love my long blogging, but I’m a frequent Facebooker, so whenever I’m doing something that doesn’t quite merit a post or I have a thought that’s too brief for the blog, it’ll be nice to have someplace to put it.