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1200003_88771071… that thing you’re never supposed to do as a professional writer. I sent a query to my publisher thinking it was finished. In the days to follow, I realized it wasn’t. It no longer felt complete. There were at least two scenes that needed to be added, plus a possible bonus scene at the end.

I wibbled and wobbled but didn’t fall down, wondering whether I should just leave it and be content, whether I should ask my editor whether it was necessary, whether I should rescind the submission. I wondered whether it would still work as it was, and I realized that it would… but I would know it was incomplete, and that would bother me. I wouldn’t want to publish something that was unfinished. Since I haven’t even been asked for pages yet, I figured I was still within the safe zone, despite the unprofessional event.

So I’ve been busy this last week and I’ll continue being busy the next few days, furiously trying to really finish Forces of Nature. Then I am prepared to grovel and beg for forgiveness with a new word count, amended synopsis, and the finally completed manuscript.

I’m so ashamed. *ducks head* But at least I recognized the problem and am working to fix it before it became even more embarrassing. So, when I hear back from my editor, whether she asks for pages or not, I’ll have everything well in hand.