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1232950_28690356Title: ARCANIUM

Summary: After her boyfriend’s foolish wish in a jealous rage, Maya DeLuca finds herself trapped in a traveling demonic circus at the mercy of a devious jinni, Bell Madoc.

Among the voluntary human oddities and the demons masquerading as humans, Maya joins the other tortured souls in the circus, caught in a perpetual purgatory under the weight of their wishes.

It’s up to them to make the best of a cursed situation. (working summary)


Status: FINISHED! Finally!

I didn’t do any updates for a number of reasons ranging from a meltdown during last weekend that led to me closing myself alone in my house last Sunday, no social interaction to recover, to frantically trying to finish before the end of the month. At least I wasn’t writing all the way up to midnight and beyond like last year. I took today off from school so that I could finish, and I completed the story before lunch so that I could do adult things like a motherfucking adult the rest of the day before NaNoWriMo begins at midnight.

Regardless of where ARCANIUM ends up, I’m so proud of myself for doing it.

For one thing, it’s undoubtedly erotic romance horror, and how often does that happen? It’s also straightforward erotica, given the proportion of sex to narrative, but there’s a definite romantic thread throughout–just quite a dark one. That was my goal, to try and write erotic romance horror, and it happened. Go me. And there are others percolating in my skull as well, so maybe this will be my niche.

For another, when I learned it was going to be longer than intended, I stepped up to the plate and discovered that I could write more than my original weekly goals. Now I know I can write more novels in a year if I really want to. I just need to remind myself that I also need to edit before I can submit things.

Another thing I’m proud of is trying out a new style. This is the first time I’ve written a series of vignette short stories to go along with the main narrative, and I think the story is much richer with those interspersed throughout. There would be something missing if I hadn’t included a glimpse at the rest of Arcanium’s cast and how they deal with the sexually charged aspect of the place along with their blessings and curses, as the cases may be.

In my opinion, I dealt with everything in a very respectful way, because I love a wide variety of humanity and want to include that variety in the erotic conversation. So much erotica is fairly homogenous, and although my protagonist ended up fairly typical, physical-wise (I’d originally intended for her to become an oddity, but it didn’t end up working with the plot), ARCANIUM would have lost some of its spirit if the more atypical cast didn’t have a voice. People may end up not agreeing with me, but I still think ARCANIUM handles the controversial aspects well, and I need to pull on my bravery boots and try to own it.

Now it’s time to set ARCANIUM aside until 2014, which is one of the hardest things for me to do, because I want to send it in to my editor and get an assurance that it’ll be wanted before I spend a ton of time polishing it up. But I have to make ARCANIUM sale-worthy first, and that requires time and distance. Sigh. At least I have more things to write before the end of the year, and I’ll probably be officially editing CRY WOLF for publication as well.

Oh, yeah, btw, if I haven’t shared that here yet, CRY WOLF is official, early release in Feb and general release in March.

And here are some final facts about the first draft of ARCANIUM:

Final word count: 141,354 words

Main narrative word count: 114,367 words, and all of a sudden it doesn’t feel like such a monsters

Short stories word count: 26,987 words

Number of chapters: 13, and that was totally unintentional

Number of short stories: 9

First line: “Young lady, if you don’t start behaving right this second, I’m going to just leave you at the circus and go home without you. Do I make myself clear?”

Most number of sexual participants at once: 4, if you count voyeurism

Most orgasms in one day: 8. Yeah. Pity the poor girl.

Sex scenes (not counting the short stories): about 15

See y’all in a month or so!