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I’ve actually gushed about this well enough on Facebook, but I recently got my cover for Sanctuary Book 2, Cry Wolf. After some months of worrying whether the Totally Bound cover art team would once again knock one out of the park or whether Winter Howl was a fluke (a baseless worry, really, since I love about 90% of the covers that they put out, but I’m a worrier by nature), I am utterly thrilled with it. Seriously, the cover art is what first attracted me to Totally Bound, and it’s what keeps me attached. They are truly a wonderful team. I can’t play them up enough.

My requests were very specific and many, especially since my protagonist, Kelly, is heavily tattooed. As usual, it’s not exactly how I pictured it; that would be impossible short of a Klingon brain meld. It is, however, in the same spirit of my intentions, and that’s what makes it utterly brilliant. I had tears in my eyes when I saw it. It’s perfect.

First off, Kelly, with her honey blonde hair and delicate, china-doll features (if Renee looks like a red-headed Natalie Portman, Kelly looks like Julia Stiles), her green eyes, and oh my lord the tattoos. They even got details that no one else will notice like the filigree tattoo over her chest that has the words that are so important and that no one can read. And while I usually like clothed people on my covers, I love the fact that she’s naked. She’d love that, too.

And then Malcolm in the middle ground, he’s brooding! He’s so freaking broody and half-changed and dark and I love it.

And then the background, which connects with the Winter Howl background of trees and a white base. It’s so green and natural and beautiful, and here I am tearing up again. I haven’t even done my first edits, but I’m so excited for Cry Wolf to become available. For those not so on top of the relationship between Renee and Britt, Cry Wolf has the barest mention of lesbian relationships, and the rest is f/m and m/m, because Kelly is straight and Malcolm is bisexual. Call for Blood will go back to Renee’s and Britt’s bisexuality and stretch Jake’s straight limits, but Cry Wolf is mostly Kelly’s story.

So…here it is. Bathe in the sweet golden green of the palette I asked for.