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1246997_65977320Title: Stone & Chains

Word count: 20,170/85,000

Summary: (working) Abby Stone has been saving victims of demonic entities and cults ever since she left home to look for her father, an angel now bound in stone to a cemetery in the mystical hot spot city of Meridian. As a night nurse, she also saves people in the clinic with the power of healing that she inherited from her unusual lineage.

Between the reformed-demon gargoyle Zekiel who has joined her in her efforts and the charming incubus Charles who calls her nephil-child – the child of a fallen angel, which angers and confuses her – but has still set his eyes on her, her life in Meridian is certainly interesting. With harbingers of apocalypse rattling the city of bones and blood, Abby could stand for things to be less interesting.


I’ve been putting this off and putting this off this year, mostly because other stories keep taking longer than expected or inspired me more at the time. However, now I’m writing it, and I will finish before the end of the year. I mean, look at me. One week and I’m about a quarter of the way through. I have two more weeks of school, and then my two week vacation should help me get through the rest of it in a snap. Thank goodness to ARCANIUM for showing me how much I can write in a single week.

That’ll give me three novels tackled in 2014, which is pretty nice. If I’m lucky, I’ll have at least two novels coming out next year. If I’m really lucky, that number doubles. But let’s not count our chickens. I’m usually disappointed when I do.

Starting out, S&C gave me some trouble because I wanted to do it in first-person, but it just wasn’t wanting to happen. I get too sloppy when I try to write first-person, so although I need to figure out how to write that perspective one day, I shed it for S&C and did third-person limited instead, which I’m more comfortable with. However, I had a thought that maybe, when I go through the first draft later next year, I can try to convert it to first-person and get around my first-person problem that way? At least it’ll be something to try. My main character’s voice is getting stronger and sassier as the writing goes on, so it’s worth a shot.

I can’t say I’m as excited about this story as some others that I’ve done. However, beginnings are always harder for me, and perhaps when I see where it’s going, I’ll be happier about where it’s been. That’s happened before. Either way, I am going to finish this story, even if I put it in a trunk and try not to think about it again. I don’t want to not finish it and then regret it, and this story’s been in my head too long for me to turn away from it now.

I think once I hit the sex scenes, I’ll feel more into the story. 20k words, and it’s been surprisingly tame so far. I think that after the sex fest of ARCANIUM, everything feels tame now. :)