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456317_83140608It ended up a far more productive year than a successful one. I wrote Forces of Nature, my first short novel (which was subsequently advised to become a series instead of a short novel, leading to many headdesks in spite of being a good idea).

I wrote Arcanium, my first erotic horror novel and a bit of an experiment with supporting character interludes. It’ll probably end up being too dark for acceptance, but I guess I’ve got to try.

I also wrote most of Stone & Chains, and whenever I finish it this week, I’ll still count it as a completion for last year because of my health issues that came out of nowhere and interrupted my ironclad discipline.

In addition, I managed to write three short stories, one of which was accepted but not published yet, and the other more like a novella – “Gravedigger,” which was published in November.

Cry Wolf was self-edited and accepted by Totally Bound and is slated for release in February, but I haven’t done the official edits yet, and the size of the novel makes me nervous about the size of the edits. I remember Winter Howl was quite the undertaking. Still, most of the first quarter of 2014 will be open for editing projects unless I decide to take on Hallow’d Guests early, or at all.

Overall, I got a lot more nos than I expected. The only solace was that most of them were encouraging nos of the “this is good or has potential in this or that way, but it’s just not right for us.” Even so, that was kind of disappointing, especially with the success of 2012. Here’s hoping 2014 will hold more yeses. Maybe it would help if I wrote more marketable stuff. I wish I could convince myself to do that. I guess I figure I can fool around with the stuff I enjoy now and work more for money later (as much as I’d like to be financially successful now). Now’s the time to get the writing for strictly love out of the way, when I don’t have to pay rent.

If I sound discouraged, it’s because I am, but the truth is that’s okay. Rejection is a part of being a writer, and getting good rejections – non-form-letter rejections – it means I’m doing a lot of things right. It would be nice if I could figure out the equation on what I’m doing wrong, but still, I’ll be learning how to write the rest of my life.

Even for the novels and shorts that didn’t make it, I still like them just the way they are. I don’t send them out unless I love them. Forces of Nature will probably stay intact on my hard drive, even when I expand the concept into a series, and I’ll probably read it on my own a few more times in 2014, the way I read Wolf Girl. I’m still committed to self-publishing Wolf Girl, and I never stopped writing Arcanium just because I worried (and worry) it wasn’t going to pass muster in the publishing industry. Also, no matter how much my physical body got in the way (and continues to get in the way) of writing Stone & Chains, I continue to soldier through to finish.

In addition, I’m very proud of “Gravedigger,” the only thing I published this year. It’s not easy coming up with something new for the vampire genre.

Writing is sometimes the most frustrating vocation in the world. It drives you crazy, but it’s the kind of crazy I can’t live without.

On the schedule for 2014:

  • TB edits for Cry Wolf
  • Edit Arcanium and Stone & Chains, submit
  • Write, edit, and submit Hallow’d Guests if I decide it’s worth the go
  • Write the first few novellas or the whole of a possible vampire serial/series, as time allows
  • Write Call for Blood, Sanctuary Book 3 for NaNoWriMo
  • Edit and self-publish Wolf Girl
  • At least three short story submissions would be nice