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1246997_65977320Title: Stone & Chains

Word count: 91,080/100,000

Summary: (working) Abby Stone has been saving victims of demonic entities and cults ever since she left home to look for her father, an angel now bound in stone to a cemetery in the mystical hot spot city of Meridian. As a night nurse, she also saves people in the clinic with the power of healing that she inherited from her unusual lineage.

Between reformed-demon gargoyle Zekiel, who has joined her in her efforts, and the charming incubus Charles who calls her nephil-child – the child of a fallen angel, which angers and confuses her – but has still set his eyes on her, her life in Meridian is certainly interesting. With harbingers of apocalypse rattling the city of bones and blood, Abby could stand for things to be less interesting.


So that average-sized 75k-word novel that I was planning on writing? Yeah, that didn’t happen. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m a size queen after all. I even amended my early estimate by an additional 10k, knowing that I tend to go over, and I’m already over that. If I had to estimate again – and I’ve now learned that’s a dangerous thing to do – I believe I have about 10-12k more to write. You know, maybe I should just embrace the long novels. Maybe that’s what I’m wired to write.

I’m finally in the climax scene, and if I’m doing things right, the denouement moves really fast. I’m crossing my fingers that I can finish by the end of Sunday night, but knowing me, maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath. :) Especially since I really have no clue how I’m going to get my people out of the predicament I put them in. I’ll take out my working bullwhip if I have to. That thing’s not fun like a flogger, no, sir.

I do think, however, that things are coming together, and it feels really good to have an end in sight, which tells me I’m having a bit of a burnout, even with the involuntary breaks I had to take for my health. I think I’m ready to get into some editing and take a break from writing, so I may save HALLOW’D GUESTS for another month, although it’s not my preference to write it at the same time Pennyroyal airs, since that BBC show is supposed to be a gothic horror remix as well. Still, mine is a different kind of story. I just don’t want to be accused of riding the coattails of a trend. Maybe I shouldn’t care what people think. I know better.

Maybe after CRY WOLF is officially squared away. As long as I’m working on writerly business, I’m good.

This kind of went off the rails of writing about STONE & CHAINS. I’ve learned that my MC Abby and her primary love interest Zekiel are very different from my usual characters. I guess they fit more into established gender roles than I’m used to. I keep having to remind myself that’s okay and my characters are cool people. LOL. I guess being genderqueer for so long, you get used to saying gender roles don’t matter, but you forget that you’re still allowed to follow them if that’s your thing. While circumstances in S&C shake Abby’s world, she’s still a very well-adjusted young woman, so it’s easier to let her be herself. And Zekiel’s old, plus he’s fighting for his own redemption, so he’s allowed to have a more chivalric sense of decency.

I really can’t tell you how STONE & CHAINS is going, quality-wise. The words are happening, but I just don’t know how well it all gels. I guess we’ll have to see.