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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFall and winter are usually prime writing times for me, especially writing erotica. Considering my proclivities toward horror and darkness, perhaps Halloween and the Solstice (axial tilt, the real reason for the season) make sense as writing inspiration.

But why do ice, snow, Christmas lights, city-crippling ice storms, goosebumps, and hot chocolate create such an invigorating hot spring of writing inspiration for me instead of hamstringing all my efforts with stress from the holidays and depression from lack of light?

Well, let’s not be too hasty to remove stress and depression from the equation, since plot is built on conflict. They sometimes push me to lose myself in other worlds than my own. But those states of mind, especially when they’re intense, don’t necessary help me. They are not flint for my creative spark. Instead, I suspect writing acts as a sealant against them. I can’t prevent all instances of anxiety and depression getting the better of me, but I can keep them from overwhelming me all the time if I keep up a solid writing discipline during the darker days of the year.

I’m a walker. I enjoy a good walk. And let me ask you, friends, Romans, countrymen, what sounds more invigorating to you: A walk that ends with you panting through the humidity and dripping like a candle from the ninety-degree heat at nine o’clock at night, feeling like a leech has latched onto your soul and sucked out everything that makes you a human being? Or a walk so crisp that it spurs you to walk faster, chills your insides, and makes you appreciate the tingling warmth waiting for you when you return home? Sure, your fingers take a little time to dethaw, but the cool air really does stimulate my neurons.

Christmas lights look and feel magical to me, so my supernatural tendencies get a little boost. And then when it ices or snows, sure, I can’t go anywhere, but all the more reason to entertain myself at my keyboard, not to mention how beautiful it looks outside and the quality of the light that beams through the window, like silver full moon light intensified. Not to mention the comfy warm clothes, the good sleep under a cocoon of blankets, and all the warm baked goods and hot chocolate. When my taste buds perk up, so do I.

As a writer, I look forward to the energy-giving cold as opposed to the energy-sapping summer.

I live in Texas. We enjoy our cold weather when we have it.

What’s your favorite season to write and why?


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