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crywolf_800 - smallToday’s Sunday Snog isn’t on the lips, and my main character, Kelly, participates indirectly, but she still plays a big part, as you’ll see.

From Cry Wolf, coming out on Totally Bound Feb. 28 (wide release March 28).


He crawled away from the corner and toward the bed, his lips wet. He moved so slowly that his muscles were cast in sharp relief as they moved fluidly underneath his olive skin.

“Kelly,” Ki breathed. Her large, dark eyes would have been almost comical if it weren’t for the sincerity of her fear.

“Trust me,” Kelly said. “This will be better for everyone.”

Malcolm pressed his nose against Ki’s leg, drawing in the scent as he nuzzled the place where the small wound had closed.

“Taste it,” Kelly whispered.

Ki shifted, jerking back, but Malcolm grabbed her ankle and held her in place. Kelly wanted to silently reassure her, but Ki’s wound was a distraction to her as well, as close as she was to it. She focused instead on trying to keep Malcolm under control, because as good as the blood smelled, he didn’t smell so bad to her himself. After all, Kelly’s satisfaction with Damien had been interrupted.

Malcolm shuddered. He pressed his mouth against the wound, breathing in the taste until it was as if the blood called him and he drew his tongue over the cut. A groan wrested itself from his chest and joined with a growl. Ki made a small sound, but she was also captivated, her lips slightly parted. Max looked tense, holding Ki tightly around her shoulders in case he had to pull her away, although it wouldn’t be much use if he did. Malcolm’s reflexes were so much better than his.

When Malcolm pulled back slightly, Kelly saw that his teeth had gone sharp and fur had begun to crawl along his jaw and down his spine.

She slapped his face. It was not a full-force blow, but it made a good, harsh sound, and he turned to her, his eyes still closed.

“You can change anything else, but don’t change your teeth. Put your fangs back in,” she said. “When you feel them tingling to grow, you make something else change instead.”

“I don’t think I can,” Malcolm replied, his voice little more than a rasp.

“You’re better at controlling the change than any new wolf I’ve ever seen, better than most seasoned werewolves. It’s beautiful. Try it. Bring your teeth back in and transfer your need to something else. And remember that if you bite Ki with those fangs, you’ll hate yourself for the rest of your long life.”

She kept a finger on his lips, pressing against his canines until they were simply human. Fur rippled down his back, most of it disappearing as quickly as it had come.

“There you go. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now taste her again and don’t you dare let your teeth grow. Focus on other parts of you that are growing because of how good she smells, how good she tastes.” She reached between his legs and caressed up the length of his renewed erection.

He moaned as he ran his tongue over the wound again, more forcefully this time.