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crywolf_800 - smallIt’s that time, lords and ladies. Cry Wolf is finally available for your reading pleasure.

Now, it’s the second book of the Sanctuary trilogy, which means it will have spoilers for Winter Howl. However, the story moves from Renee’s perspective in Winter Howl to that of witch and werewolf Kelly, so if you don’t mind the spoilers, Cry Wolf can conceivably stand on its own.

And if you’d like to start with Winter Howl first, just click on the link there on the title.

Cry Wolf is a full novel (because I don’t know how to write anything else, apparently) that features polyamory, complete lack of sexual inhibitions, tattoos coming to life, wild werewolf sex, and some spectacular powerplay. If that’s not enough to hook you, there’s also a pseudo-religious cult. Those are always fun. Check the summary below for more details.

Cry Wolf will be available in wide release and in print(!) a month from now on March 28, but you can purchase it from Totally Bound directly in a variety of formats and enjoy it this weekend.


Witch and werewolf, wicked and wild—what happens when a woman has to choose?

As a werewolf and witch, Kelly belongs to neither pack nor coven, making her a perfect addition to the ragtag collection of dogs, humans and canine shapeshifters at the Chambers Dog Sanctuary.

After recently being transformed against his will, Malcolm—one of the Sanctuary residents—wants nothing more than to shed his werewolf skin and return to his shapeshifter pack. Kelly tries to help him accept his new wolf nature, but then some of the shapeshifters discover Salvation, an organization that claims to cure magical hybrids. Kelly has long since made peace with lycanthropy, which tempers her volatile magic, but when Malcolm begs Kelly to accompany him for one last attempt to resume his old life, she agrees for his sake.

Upon arriving at Salvation, however, the already shaky balance of her life becomes even more tenuous, forcing Kelly to decide which part of herself, wolf or witch, she loves—or fears—more.

Reader Advisory: This books contains werewolf and witch-related violence and death, religious-themed interspecies hatred and bloodsport. It also contains scenes of intense rough sex, including D/s, sadomasochism, bondage, some anal play, a scene in which a strap-on is used against a man, and polyamorous relationships. This book is primarily MF but includes MM scenes and reference to FF relationships, as well as ménage and voyeurism.