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crywolf_800 - smallI did this for Winter Howl, and I loved doing it, so I think I’ll just do this for every novel I write. I very much enjoy the trivia section of IMDB. I like knowing all those little plot and character details that helped make everything richer but didn’t directly contribute or might be a part of a future story.

Since Cry Wolf is part of a larger series and was cut down from a much larger book, you can imagine there’s a lot that doesn’t make it in, information that wasn’t relevant enough to include but is still pretty interesting.

Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes of Cry Wolf:

1) Winter Howl brought a werewolf to the sanctuary. Cry Wolf brought a witch (who’s also a werewolf). And the third book Call for Blood will bring in a vampire couple. It’s like a joke.

2) Kelly’s shoulder and arm sleeve tattoos used to be a collection of roses and hyacinths, but I removed the hyacinths and now they’re just roses.

3) Several of the supporting characters are inspired by actors. Brother Tim and Brother Peter are based on a young Jeremy Renner and Clark Gregg respectively.

It’s worth noting that Cry Wolf was written before I had seen The Avengers or any of the Marvel superhero movies, so I find my own casting amusing now. I’d chosen them because of Renner’s guest star role in Angel and Gregg’s work in The New Adventures of Old Christine.

The inspiration for Abraham was Jonathan Hyde, a man with a fascinating voice. Loved him in Anaconda, Jumanji, and The Mummy. Don’t judge.

4) I drew on my experience working for a church to write Salvation, but I feel compelled to mention that Salvation merely uses Christian rhetoric and pageantry, the way cults do. It’s not an indictment against the Christian religion (in spite of my personal cynicism), but a demonstration of how it can be twisted.

5) I explained in the Winter Howl trivia that the cat Butch Cassidy was inspired by one of my university’s campus cats. His behavior in Cry Wolf, however, was inspired by my own cat, Cassidy, who is not actually named for Butch Cassidy.

My cat is also the Cassidy for whom Cry Wolf is dedicated. Yes, I dedicated the book to my cat. Shut up. He deserved it, hanging out with me during the writing and editing process, being all supportive.

6) I didn’t know what Renee would choose at the end of Winter Howl when I was writing it, but I already knew what Kelly would choose at the end of Cry Wolf.

7) I tend to write stories about couples with extreme power imbalances, but this is the first and so far only novel I’ve written in which the woman is significantly more powerful than the man (the eventual Forces of Nature series has a power balance, in the sense that all four witches have incredible power).

This is practically speaking, of course, in that Kelly has a shit-ton of magic. There’s more than one way to be powerful, and more power doesn’t always mean you win.

8) Cry Wolf is the only story in the Sanctuary trilogy not about Renee, although she’s still important – and a person (meaning me) might argue that Kelly’s story is relevant to understanding Renee.

9) While Kelly’s elemental magic is based on the Air element, she’s still got tremendous power in other forms of magic as well. She’s also prophetic and quite a good apothecary witch.

10) Initially I had a lot of areas in which Kelly’s organic telepathy would let her know things about people and what they were thinking and feeling that would be impossible for her to know – and they’d occur to her as though they were her own thoughts – but as it turns out, it read like a POV shift and I ended up having to edit most of it out unless I was explicit about how she got that knowledge. She used to seem a lot more omniscient than she does now.